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Welcome to the digital economy where money begets money

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Welcome to the online industry where money begets money

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We are currently promoting four programs viz: Kipi Community; SuraPure Drinks; Flipping4profit and My Street Business

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How it works?


First thing register to become a member on


This is an investment on the property (real estate),

Flipping4Profit is a Fully Managed Real Estate program, where our Members are able to Share in the Profits from the lucrative Real Estate Market.

Members can choose to deposit funds into their online wallet system through their Member's area. Members have the ability to start Sharing in the Profits with as little $100.00

Every day, Banks and Mortgagee Companies list 100's of properties for auction. These properties can be purchased for cents in the dollar.

When these properties are listed for auction, one of our Consultants will personally inspect the property to ensure it meets our requirements and can be resold for a profit.



Once a property has passed THE F4P criteria they place a bid or make an offer. Once this offer has been accepted, F4P start the process of allocating Member's funds to the property.

To ensure F4P maximize Member's profits, F4L never allocate 100% of their funds to one property. F4L always ensure Member's funds are spread across as many properties as possible.

When Member's funds have been allocated to a property, they receive an instant notification via email informing them of the purchase.

To ensure Members are well informed of the progress of each property purchased, F4L inform them by email when the status has changed or new update has been issued.

When a property has been sold and settlement has taken place, Member's funds and profit is returned to them. The profit is calculated on the amount of funds the Member has in the property.

Our Members have full control over their funds, via their Member's area. We provide different option settings, so they can decide what we do with their funds, as each property is sold.






Purchase of the house: $100, 000.00

Your pool amount: $1, 000.00

Sold at: $130, 000.00 (130%)

Gross profit: $30 000 (30%)

Net Profit: $20 000 (20% of $100, 000.00)

Your profit from your pool amount: $200.00 (20% of $1, 000)

Your total money: $1, 200.00


1. Earn profits for any property that is bought, renovated and sold for a flipping profit
2. Make extra money by sharing this business idea to others on a lifestyle program
3. Own the website for online bookings with travel Bugg
4. Own a website for online shopping with Zopper
5. You score points for people visiting your websites and earn commissions every month.


1. Get your own website/link to invite friends, e.g.


2. Get your own website to earn income monthly income from travel Bugg by directing travellers to visit your link for online bookings of hotels/ flights and cruises, e.g.


3. Get your own website to earn monthly income from Zopper by directing online shoppers to visit your link online shopping, e.g.


4. Add funds not limited to that of a trial member on the property pool from $100.00 - $100 000.00


5. You get paid $40 for every friend you invited and $20 for a second level person and payments are paid over and over again in all ranks.


To learn more on this sustainable real estate program visit:


















Despite profits from Real Estate which everyone can accumulates without referring a friend, there is as well a referral plan that could earn you massive income weekly and monthly. Therefore it is a best idea to add funds to the property fro...m the money you have made on a referral system rather than adding your own cash.

Referral Plan:

1. Fully Paid member ($249) receives a Blue Star (every member joins and receives a blue star)

2. Blue Star Member invite other two blue star members and receive $40 from each = $80 instantly
2.1 Blue Star Member now receives a Silver Star and a $500 travel voucher for leadership retreat
2.1 Member receives $20 for every second referral instantly

3. As you are now a Silver Star, develop two directly referred silver star members and you will be a Gold Star Member.
3.1 Here you qualify for Silver Step Reward - Weekly
3.1 Instant rewards continues
3.2 Triple Silver Bonus (When you personally developed 3 silver star members)
3.3 This Triple Silver Bonus is $150 and is paid over and over again in all ranks.

4. As a Gold Star Member develop two gold star members and become an Executive Member.
4.1 Qualify for silver Matching Bonus - Weekly
4.2 Gold Step - Monthly
4.3 Gold Matching Bonus - Monthly
4.4 instant bonuses, triple silver bonus and silver step reward

5. As an Executive member develop two executive members to become a Star Executive Member
5.1 Qualify for all bonuses above with increased margin
5.2 Qualify to earn a car bonus worth $20 000.00

6. As a Star Executive Member, develop two star executive members to become a Royal Executive Member
6.1 Qualify for all benefits above with increased margin

7. As a Royal Executive Member develop two royal executive members to become an Ambassador
7.1 You qualify for all above benefits with increases margin
7.2 You qualify to develop another team

8. As an Ambassador develops two ambassadors to become a Star Ambassador
8.1 You qualify for all above benefits with increased margin

9. As a Star Ambassador, develop two star ambassadors to become a Royal Ambassador
9.1 You qualify for all above benefits with increased margin

10. As a Royal Ambassador, develop two royal ambassadors to become a Presidential Ambassador
10.1 You qualify for all above benefits with increased margin

11. As a Presidential Ambassador, develop two presidential ambassadors to become a Diamond Ambassador
11.1 You qualify for all above benefits with increased margin

12. As a Diamond Ambassador , develop two diamond ambassadors to become a Global Ambassador
12.1 Receive all above benefits with increased margin

13. GLOBAL AMBASSADOR receives $100 000.00 in Gold Bullion and all benefits available throughout the lifestyle program

THEREFORE on Flipping4profit you have to grow with a team, and not alone to rise to the next rank. It depends with team you choose to grow with.
If you want to grow with my team, register here: